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InnPlace™ Dog Crate with Stainless Steel Spindles

Our newest crate with stainless steel spindles! Our crates are stylish and affordable!

A convenient place for your pet when indoors; styled to look and perform like an end table. Easy assembly in 5 minutes or less. Color goes all the way through the material so scratches are less likely to show. InnPlace is made using ECOFLEX® an eco-friendly material made from recycled polymers and reclaimed wood.

Available in three colors with four sizes. Note the large and extra large models have two (2) latches for added security. The bars are 100% stainless steel, the safest metal available, and will never rust.

-Available in Espresso, Russet, Gray, and Antique White.
-Furniture quality end table dog crate
-Made with ECOFLEX®, a composite of wood and recycled polymer
-Beautifully integrates into any home décor
-Note: our crates are made for dogs that are familiar with crates and are less likely to chew. Please note that any crate that isn’t 100% wire or metal has the ability to be chewed.

Product Specifications


Antique White Russet Espresso Gray
Exterior (in) Interior (in) Door (in)
Size L W H L W H W H
S 23.6 18.1 22.0 20.9 15.0 17.9 11.0 16.0
M 29.5 21.1 25.2 26.8 17.7 20.9 13.8 19.0
L 35.4 24.0 28.0 32.7 20.9 24.0 16.7 16.6
XL 42.5 27.6 30.9 39.8 24.6 29.1 20.0 25.0